The department of veterinary medicine

The department of veterinary medicine

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine includes four departments (Animal husbandry, Diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases, Computer technology, Organization and management of agriculture).

The faculty prepares the highly qualified specialists in the following specialties: Veterinary Medicine, Economics of agriculture, Accounting and Audit (in agriculture), Information Systems (in agriculture), bachelor's: Information Systems and Technologies (in agriculture) (language of instruction is English), Information Security Management (in agriculture), Economics and Management (in agriculture), Accounting and Audit (in agriculture).

Students enrolled in the faculty of the specialty Veterinary Medicine, under the guidance of teachers of the department are effective work in the livestock industry. They take care of animals, carry out prevention and treatment of diseases, as well as organize and implement industrial, technological and research work.

Students studying at the faculty in the specialty of Economics of agriculture and Accounting and Audit in Agriculture master the intricacies of work in various sectors of the agro-industrial complex. They study economics, organizational and managerial work, analysis, accounting and auditing, financial calculations and reports, and research.

Future software engineers studying at the Faculty of Information Systems in Agriculture, under the guidance of experienced teachers, study information systems and networks, their mathematical, information and software, methods of creating projects, software in agriculture and much more.