Teaching work of the institute

Teaching work of the institute

Under the leadership of our esteemed President, the institute has created all the necessary conditions for training students in their chosen specialties in accordance with the requirements of the epoch of might and happiness.

The specialized classrooms were created at the institute to study the design, operation and services of various equipment from well-known foreign companies such as “CASE”, “JOHN DEERE”, “KOMATSU”, “CATTERPILLER” and “CLASS” which are widely known in the world and supplying high-performance equipment to Turkmenistan, which allow to conduct the laboratory and practical classes at a high level. There are classrooms where models are installed with all the instruments of the MTZ tractor manufactured in the Republic of Belarus.

Such equipped classrooms help to conduct practical and laboratory classes at a higher level and improve the quality of students' learning of the educational material.

In our institute, a computer network program was developed and compiled by the teachers and students. This program helped to improve learning, manage educational work, and identify students' knowledge through electronic means. Most of the computers of the institute were combined into a common network. This program is used to conduct monthly certification of students. The electronic library, where there are electronic versions of educational books and manuals, scientific materials of local and foreign authors, allows students and teachers to get acquainted with new technologies, with the news of world science and technology.

The same materials are placed on the computers that are installed in the computer rooms, which create additional opportunities for all students to use them.

In addition to the main classes at the institute, there are short-term training courses for teaching students and teachers of computer literacy in Russian, English, German, and Uzbek. Students learn these languages in accordance with the specifics of their future professions. These classes are conducted using modern multimedia teaching methods in special language laboratories.

Students of our institute annually participate in various international Olympiads in various disciplines and win 276 medals and diplomas. a total of 276 medals, diplomas and letters of commendation were awarded. Of these, 37 gold, 64 silver, 100 bronze medals, 16 Grade I, 28 Grade II, 31 Grade III diplomas and letters of commendation.