In the prosperous epoch of our sovereign state, under the wise leadership of our Esteemed President, great attention is paid to the development of the science and education system in our country to the professional development of young people to the level of world standards. As a result of the educational policy and fundamental education reforms implemented by our Esteemed President, the national education system is developing rapidly, and the work of education and vocational training is improving.

Youths, education, scientific basis, organization, educational institutions in the training of advanced practices, teachers' professional training, the agricultural sector for the international experts to compete with professionals in the field of activities carried out, talented our young people's achievements are potential fruits of the opportunities which were created by our highly Esteemed President.

Under the guidance of our Esteemed President, the work being done to develop the digital education system is helping to improve the quality of teaching in our higher education institutions and to enhance the skills of students. This is evidenced by the success of our students in participating in international education competitions using digital technologies.

In 2021, the students of the institute have won 50 prizes in international online competitions, including 11 gold medals, 11 silver medals, 14 bronze medals, 5 I degree, 7 II degree and 2 III degree diplomas. They have won 46 prizes, including 7 I degree, 19 II degree and 11 III degree diplomas in online competitions which were held in our country.

The institute hosted the 2nd Open Olympiad in Engineering and Computer Graphics among students of higher education institutions of the country, which was attended by a total of 80 students from 9 universities of the country. Our students won 4 for I degree, 4 for II degree and 1 for III degree diplomas in this Olympiad.

The students of the institute performed very well on June 16, 2021 in the State Olympiad for Higher Education Students of the Higher Education Institutions of the country. The course was attended by 24 students and they won 22 prizes. In the total of the competition, 12 students took 1st place, 9 students took 2nd place and only 1 student took 3rd place.

In the prosperous epoch of our sovereign state, in the Year of “Turkmenistan - the Motherland of Peace and Trust”. We wish happy, long life and success to our highly Esteemed President!