From January 11 -16, 2021, in the year of “Turkmenistan – Home of Peace and Trust”, the current of Precision Agriculture Servis-Office of the Turkmen Agricultural Institute has held demonstration master classes for the teaching staff of the Institute.

The master class was organized by the ERASMUS + program of the European Commission and implemented at the institute on the basis of the project plan “New and innovative courses in precision agriculture” (NICOPA). The purpose of the demonstration master classes were to introduce the participants with the technology of precision agriculture and their advantages, as well as the results of world experience in this area.

Classes were conducted on relevant topics by teachers trained at the Berlin Technical University D.Durdyyev, B.Nuryyew, B.Kurbanov and teachers included in the working group of the project A.Atayeva, G.Yazmadova, B.Orazgylyjov, Sh.Pygamov.

Brochures and discs with information on the topics were distributed to the participants of the master classes.

Babageldi KURBANOV,
Teachers of the Turkmen Agricultural Institute