Under the leadership of the esteemed President, great successes are achieved in all spheres of the national economy in the year "Turkmenistan – Home of Peace and Trust". There is no doubt that it will also go down in the history of our country with significant dates and events. Vivid evidence of this is the tireless efforts of our dear President and the ongoing reforms to improve the socio-economic situation of our country. Digitization of all sectors of our state is the basis for success. It should be noted that in the transition to a digital system, the higher educational institutions of our country are actively involved in the implementation of educational and scientific projects. In this regard, the universities of our country maintain close cooperation with foreign higher educational institutions.

In the framework of international cooperation, the Turkmen Agricultural Institute is implementing a project called "New and Innovative Courses for Precision Agriculture" within the framework of the European Union Erasmus+ program. The project is aimed at improving modern training programs for future agricultural specialists, introducing advanced agricultural technologies and demonstrating how to apply them in agriculture. In addition, through the digital system, training seminars are regularly held to improve the level of knowledge of teachers, specialists and agricultural workers.

For example, from February 10 to 12, 2021, professors of higher educational institutions of the European Union held training seminars on the topic "Monitoring agriculture using satellites" for representatives of universities participating in the project, including the Turkmen Agricultural Institute.

Within the framework of the next seminar with the participation of the teaching staff of the Turkmen Agricultural Institute, the Turkmen Agricultural University named after S.A. Niyazov and the Turkmen State Architectural and Construction Institute discussed the possibilities and advantages of the technologies being introduced in the agrarian system.

In a videoconference, Daria Stepanova, a specialist from EXOLAUNCH GmbH, gave a lesson on the topic "CubeSat Technology". It details the designs, hardware and software of modern satellites used for Earth observation.

Professor of the Czech University of Civil Sciences František Kumhála spoke on the topic "Yield Sensors for Precision Agriculture", where the professor discussed the general idea of the precise application of crop sensors in agricultural machinery, information about grain sensor data, harvest data. And also considered the questions of how to display them correctly on a computer monitor. Zhulieta Arnaudova, professor at the Plovdiv Agricultural University, speaking on the topic "Using Landsat and Sentinel Satellities for Agricultural field monitoring", which talks about obtaining information from satellite observation systems, information about vegetation cover and their display on digital maps. In the classroom, the situation with the installation of satellite data, equipment and software associated with their processing used in this system was discussed.

In general, the training seminar, distinguished by its efficiency and abundance of data, played an important role in the development and implementation of precision agriculture in our country and in the digitalization of the agricultural industry.

Aymurat Ahmetov,
Teachers of the Turkmen Agricultural Institute