The golden autumn of the year "Turkmenistan - Home of Peace and Trust", which is a big celebration of the glorious 30th anniversary of our sacred Independence, is distinguished by its richness of wonderful events and glorious dates. On the first day of the golden autumn, which is rich in blessings, it made our glorious year even more solemn that our esteemed President gave a general lesson on the occasion of the Day of Knowledge and Student Youth and the beginning of a new academic year at the Congress Centre in the beautiful heart of our Motherland, Ashgabat.

Our esteemed President's conducting the general lesson in the Congress Centre further enhanced the celebrations of the Day of Knowledge and Student Youth, which is widely celebrated in the Year of Turkmenistan - the Home of Peace and Trust.

Inspired by such significant events, a gratitude conference was held on the occasion of the general educational lesson of our esteemed President with the participation of professors and happy students of the Turkmen Agricultural Institute. Speakers at the gratitude conference noted with great pride that this general lesson, which is full of patriotism, nationalism, and high moral standards, has given wings to the wonderful hopes and tender feelings of every listener. It was emphasized that the historical speech of our Hero Arkadag in general lesson has become an indelible statue erected in honor of patriotism, humanity, chastity, and diligence, and has taken its place forever. In the general lesson, which is an example of high teaching skill, our Hero Arkadag spoke with great pride about our Green Flag, which is a sign of existence, eternity, statehood, and said, "Our green flag is the flag of friendship and peace!" That is to say, the emphasis on the great role of our national flag in adhering to the sanctity of the Motherland with all its might has given wings to our feelings about the sanctity of the Motherland. This is because the green flag has been recognized as a value that defines the sacred concepts of the Motherland and reflects the national identity and spiritual principles of our people.

The historical path of our Independent, Neutral Motherland, the vital development of our beloved people, the deep meaning, philosophical views, tremendous teaching and educational importance of young people about their responsibilities to the state, society, parents and family were specially marked during the gratitude conference and this general lesson was distinguished by its richness in historical moments.

In the general lesson, the President emphasized that the love for the Motherland was the most tender and pure feeling in the heart, that its value could not be measured by anything, that there was no greater value for the nation than the Motherland, no dearer understanding than our people. The words "All the concepts and knowledge in life begin with the Motherland" were the result of speeches by the participants of the gratitude conference to glorify the sanctity of the Motherland.