We have received a collection of poems entitled "Light of Independence" dedicated to the glorious 30th anniversary of our sacred Independence, which is the subject of the pride of our teachers, students and specialists of the Turkmen Agricultural Institute and Dashoguz Agro-industrial secondary vocational school under the auspices of the institute. The best wishes and the words of pride are heard in the works and in poetic celebration greetings which are dedicated to our main holiday. As emphasized in the enthusiastic lines of youth, "In the land of Ashik Aydyn, Uch Yuz Altmysh , in the land of saints" - celebrations are in full swing in our flowering, garden-loving Motherland. As a result of the reforms that are the fruit of our great Independence, new prospects are being opened for every person who reads, studies and creates in the world of education and science. The developments of the prosperous epoch of the powerful state inspire them. The glorification of wonderful epoch with the hero Arkadag sounds loud in existing works.

Such developments, starting from the very heart of our country, cover all regions, rural life, and our modern villages compete with cities.

The beauty of the nature of our country in the four seasons, the beautiful forms of the Turkmen spring are artistically described in the book. The song of hearts that love our desert, praises the sunrise, the sound of the nightingales, one in a thousand beauties of Karakum, the healing herbs of pain.

Our national values, such as the Turkmen horse and beautiful carpets, are artistically depicted in the sounds of happiness coming from the hearts. Both the top and the bottom are valued in the form of a garden.

On the initiative of our esteemed President, preparations are underway to mark the 300th anniversary of Magtymguly Pyragy's birthday in 2024. This good news also warms the hearts of young writers and poets. This can also be seen in the lines dedicated to the wise Pyragy in the book The Glow of Independence.

In the poems of young people who are well-educated in various fields of agriculture, they are proud of the image of the Turkmen village in the era of happiness, the wonders of rural life, the reforms in the agro-industrial complex, the construction of large facilities such as the Turkmen Lake Altyn Asyr. As the book emphasizes, “young people who are strong on the‘ Steel Horse ’ enjoy honest work by mastering modern techniques and technologies, studying and working with unwavering enthusiasm and passion.

This book, which we received in the year "Turkmenistan is the Home of Peace and Trust" expressing the fruits of independence, our rapid growth,the meaning of our principle"The state is for the people!" through artistic words, it is full of praise for our esteemed President, who leads our people to new heights of prosperity and happiness.