The Turkmen Agricultural Institute has an internal education portal called “Electronic Manager”. Through the Institute's internal education portal, during the period of examination and course credit exams are accepted, as well as the midterm summaries of students are held. In this program there is a private room for students, which supplies them with the opportunities for working test questions online and using institute’s e-library for necessary books and manuals. In addition, new internal education portal of institute called “tohi-portal” has been created. This internal education portal includes personal pages for teachers and students.

The website of the Turkmen Agricultural Institute is available at The website contains all the information about the Institute as its current events, structure and ongoing training, scientific researches, international cooperation, methodological meetings, and all these are constantly enriched. With the beginning of 2021-2022 academic year, the new site of the institute with Moodle platform has been created. The Moodle platform is an open source platform designed to organize distance learning. With its help, teachers and students can make full use of modern teaching methods. In the Moodle platform there is a private room for each user. In it, each teacher can upload information about their lessons, textbooks, manuals, books, and tests which are related with the lessons. By making notes on relevant information, the teacher can show the students the necessary chapter of the book, and the tasks which are to be done independently and so on. The teacher can also control the information on each topic and the answers of the students individually. The teacher can show the students the time of accomplishment for each assignment. Here it is also possible to obtain various statistical data related to the learning process.

Using this platform, students can digitally retrieve any information from the teacher. The student can also keep in touch with class information, coursemates and teachers. Even after the deadline for the lesson is over, he or she can still get information about the lesson from his or her own room. Another feature of the Moodle platform is that the database of digital data is collected in one place and it has an access from anywhere.

We are infinitely grateful to our Hero Arkadag for the wonderful opportunities he has created for the perfect education of students, vocational training, scientific work, active participation in cultural and sports events, and cultural recreation!