The reforms initiated by our Esteemed President make it possible to bring the education and science system to the world level in line with international standards. In the course of carrying out this high task, great importance is attached to the expansion of the development and strengthening of international cooperation in the field of science and education. The scope of international cooperation in the field of education is expanding. Taking advantage of the opportunities created for themselves by our President, the students of the Turkmen Agricultural Institute are actively participating in the state and international class competitions and getting great prizes. The success of youth in competitions and Olympiads is a vivid evidence that the quality of education provided to the younger generation in our country meets world standards.

At the Turkmen Agricultural Institute many opportunities are created for the students to participate in online Olympiads and competitions and it’s fully equipped with the latest technology by our Esteemed President.

Recently, such kind of online Olympiad was held among the students of higher education institution from the subject of Theoretical mechanics. In total, 41 students from 9 higher education institutions of our country took part in this Olympiad. The competition was held in a very controversial and heated atmosphere, where the most talented and talented young students had the opportunity to demonstrate their talents in various fields of education and science.

Meanwhile, the Turkmen Agricultural Institute, which trains highly qualified agricultural specialists that are necessary for the country's agricultural sector, is fully equipped with modern technologies and means, and classrooms are supplied with the necessary devices for conducting lectures and practical trainings in accordance with the specifics of the course. The curiosity and enthusiasm of young people studying science and specialty at our Institute became a great satisfaction for us. This encourages our students to use the conditions and opportunities created by our Hero Arkadag to get prizes in competitions.

The improvement of the system of science and education in our independent, eternal Neutral country is an evidence of unceasing efforts of our President in the sphere of education. We wish our dear President good health, wellbeing and every success in his work for the prosperity of the Motherland and the welfare of the people.