The department of agronomy

The department of agronomy

The Faculty of Agronomy includes four departments (Social Sciences, Planting, Gardening and vegetable growing, Agro chemistry and soil science).

The faculty prepares the highly qualified specialists in the following specialties: Agronomy, Agroecology, Agro chemistry and Soil Science, Breeding and seed crops, Greenhouse.

Highly qualified and experienced teachers give knowledge to students in classrooms, which are equipped with modern equipment using a multimedia technology.

Students of the faculty participate in state and international subject Olympiads and win worthy prizes. Students of the faculty participate in the open International Student Internet Olympiad (OIIO - Open International Internet - Olympiad) and win many medals. These achievements show the high quality of teaching at the faculty.

At the departments of the faculty, there are various research works devoted to the important issues of agricultural development, where students are also involved.

Students make presentations at scientific conferences, conduct experiments on the fields of educational economy. They actively participate in various scientific competitions between students, winning prizes at the same time.