Production-and-training farm of the Institute

Production-and-training farm of the Institute

The institute has a special training facility with an area of 450 hectares.

Various types of crops are grown on the farm. Cotton, wheat, fodder, melon crops, as well as orchards are grown on the farm. Here, by chemical analysis of the soil, crop and fertilizer in the field conditions, the students in-depth master the theoretical knowledge imparted in the lesson.

In the production-and-training farm, scientists and young specialists of the institute, together with students, conduct research on the priority areas of agriculture and animal husbandry.

Production-and-training farm are also testing new equipment imported to our country, that is, checking the compliance of the advanced equipment of the world's leading companies with the soil and climatic conditions of our country. Here the high-performance equipment of the German company CLAAS was tested. During the test, the experts learned how to operate all the operating systems and tools of these combine harvesters in a production environment, their impact on performance, and some ways to correct some of the problems that occur. As a result of the experiment, scientifically based advice was prepared for production.

Scientific experiments with Golshtin-Friez breed cattle from the S.A.Niyazov district cattle breeding farm have been carried out on the livestock farm of the Turkmen Agricultural Institute.

Calves were bred from Golshtin-Friez breeding mother cows. Scientific research on calves born is currently underway. Calf growth, height, nutritional characteristics are monitored.