The scientific works of the institute

The scientific works of the institute

In the epoch of might and happiness, thanks to the efforts of our esteemed President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, science has become one of the main directions in our independent country. The national leader of the country, emphasizing that the comprehensive development of our country depends on the development of science and education, is doing everything possible in this direction.

The transformations carried out in our country with the support of our esteemed President make it possible, along with other sectors of the national economy, to carry out work in agriculture on a scientific basis.

The institute conducts research works on such topics as “Study of high-yielding and salt-tolerant varieties of winter wheat in the conditions of Dashoguz velayat”, “Development of nutrition technology for winter wheat through the leaves in the conditions of Dashoguz velayat”, “Study on the scientific basis of the influence of mineral and organic fertilizers for cotton yields in saline soil ”,“ Use of desalinated collector water for growing vegetables ”,“ Storage and processing of fruits and vegetables in the conditions of northern Turkmenistan ”, The composition of the fertilizer young orchard in the conditions of northern Turkmenistan "," Creation of a mixed group of disease resistant and high-yielding cattle. "

On these topics, scientific work is being carried out to develop advanced technologies for growing winter wheat and cotton in the soil and climatic conditions of the northern etraps, to study the possibilities of using the drainage waters of Turkmen Lake “Altyn Asyr” in agriculture, to study the complex of winter wheat and cotton varieties, to develop storage methods and fruit processing.

Also, the departments conduct scientific work on such topics as Improving the cultivation of fruit orchards in the conditions of northern Turkmenistan, The study of high-yielding wheat varieties in the conditions of Dashoguz velayat.

Young gifted teachers of our institute have been accepted in various areas to the postgraduate departments of research institutes of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, higher educational institutions and are currently conducting research work on their candidate topics. Among them, B.Orazgylyjov, lecturer of the Department Tractor and Agricultural Machines - “Development of technology for the cultivation of cotton by exact seeding in the conditions of Dashoguz velayat”. B.Kurbanov, Lecturer at the Department of Applied Mechanics - “Study of the possibilities of using drainage running water in agriculture in the drainage system of the Turkmen artificial lake“ Altyn Asyr”; M.Meretmadov, Lecturer at the Department of Diagnosis and Treatment of Animal Diseases - “Development of methods to control the disease of escherichiosis in animals in the Dashoguz velayat”. Currently, these teachers are successfully working on their postgraduate topics.

Dozens of young teachers of our institute in recent years have been enthusiastically participating in scientific competitions and conferences.