The positive reforms achieved in the agricultural sector of the country during the Revival of the new epoch of a stable state are perfected with the spirit of the times.The Harvest Festival,which symbolizes the fertility of the fertile Turkmen soil, the blessing of our crops and the indomitable harvest,is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm as a national holiday that inspires great goals. The Harvest Festival, which is celebrated in honor of the achievements of rural workers,is a unique expression of the fruits of the hard work of our hardworking farmers.The brave Turkmen grain farmers,who fulfilled their state obligations,achieved great labor success.Similarly,the brave rural workers of the country got a rich harvest of ‘white gold’.The producers of fruits and vegetables have also contributed to the strength of the country by producing abundant harvests.As envisaged in the national program for the development of the regions of Turkmenistan,which is being implemented under the leadership of the Honorable President, huge investments are directed to the improvement of rural areas.A large amount of investment is allocated to improve and supplement the equipment of the agro-industrial complex.For these purposes,agricultural equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers is regularly purchased.Along with this,great attention is paid to scientific selection,to the creation of new varieties of cotton that mature quickly and give high yields.Specific measures are being implemented in order to digitize agriculture,introduce precision farming systems,advanced agricultural technologies,increase the profitability of agricultural households,and improve tenant relations.As a result of our President Serdar’s policy of supporting private business,great efforts are being made to obtain a bountiful harvest from agricultural crops.As a result,the agricultural sector of the country is achieving high-level developments.The grand celebration of the Harvest Festival in our dear country is a high appreciation for the hard work of agricultural workers at the state level.It is a clear proof that it is given.May the soul of our President Serdar,who stands on the side of such lofty initiatives and achievements,be healthy,live long,and prosper in his great works!

Babysh Atjanov
The teacher of Department of Applied Mechanics
of Turkmen Agricultural Institute