On the occasion of the World Day of Combating Desertification and Drought, a scientific seminar and a competition for the preparation of a wall paper were held

On the occasion of the World Day of Combating Desertification and Drought, a scientific seminar on “Combating Desertification and Drought for Sustainable Development” and a competition for preparing a wall newspaper titled “Green nature - the source of healthy life” were held at the Turkmen Agricultural Institute. The scientific seminar and the competition were organized jointly by the Council of Young Scientists of our higher education institution and the organization “Reclamation-engineer” and “Hydraulic Engineer”. All members of the institute participated in the scientific seminar and competition.

Based on the results of the scientific seminar and the results of the competition for the design of a wall newspaper, Akjemal Gokgayeva a member of the Silk Road scientific club won the first place, Rajapova Rayhan a member of the “Young Constructor” scientific club and Nurmyradov Jumamyrat the artistic enthusiast of our institute took second place, Allakuliyeva Sadokat a member of the organization “Language Spiritual Treasure” scientific club, Allamyradov Allamyrat a member of the organization “Young Constructor”, Karayev Zheyhun a member of the “Construction Engineer” scientific club took third place. The winners of the competition were awarded certificates of honor.

The art competition was dedicated to the systematic use of land and water resources, combating desertification, preventing land degradation, protecting the marine environment and biological diversity of the Caspian Sea and other important issues.

Under the leadership of the President, great attention is paid to the protection of the environment in our beloved country and the systematic use of our natural resources. We also assure that in the future, we will make our worthy contributions to the activities of the President in protecting and preserving nature in the country. We express our immense gratitude to the Honorable President, who is creating all the necessary opportunities to transform our country into a prosperous country.

Lecturer at the Department of Agricultural reclamation,
head of the scientific club “Reclamation-engineer”