Training sessions were organized at the Turkmen Agricultural Institute with the participation of representatives of one of the world’s largest companies, “John Deere”.

In the training course held with the participation of teachers and students of the Turkmen Agricultural Institute, a comprehensive understanding of the high-performance product of this company “JOHN DEERE 6175M” type tractors was given.

It is particularly important to have a training course in our institute in the specialized room of the company “John Deere” with modern techniques. The training course with the participation of high-level specialists had a positive impact on the scientific and methodological work of teachers had a great influence on the students’ study of the working conditions of agricultural machines and a complete understanding of working conditions, future use, machine performance and repair work.

This fully testifies to the result of the policy of neutrality, peace and mutual respect of Turkmenistan efforts to develop friendship, cooperation and mutual understanding relations with the countries of the world.

It should be emphasized that the student youths are actively participating in seasonal agricultural work on the training and production farm and in the fields of the farmers’ association of the velayats, using the JOHN DEERE type equipment donated by the President of Turkmenistan from abroad to the Turkmen Agricultural Institute.

At the end of the meaningful lesson, the participants thanked to our esteemed President for his fatherly concern for the happy life of our people in our Motherland. They wished that the soul of our esteemed President was healthy, his life was long, and his work prospered.