At the Turkmen Agricultural Institute with the participation of representatives of public organizations of the velayat under the motto “Nationality is the essence of education of generations” with the aim of striving to make young people comprehensively developed, physically and mentally healthy, educated and scientific, to instill in them the qualities of courage, patriotism, honesty, generosity, pure morals, diligence that our ancestors developed them over the millennia, the formation of awareness of our national heritage, a propaganda event was held.

There were speeches about the importance of familiarizing the younger generation with the principles of nationalism and patriotism, giving them the necessary knowledge and understanding, and the belief that bad habits harm the future young generation in a person’s life.

In the Revival of the New Era of the Powerful State, along with the rejection of bad habits, our primordial principles and nationalities become the norm of our daily life. With the boundless care of the respected President, noble deeds are being carried out to protect our young generation from bad habits and involve them in public education in the name of a bright future for our people.

The agrarian policy and agrarian reforms of the President, who puts a lot of effort into our national foundations, spiritual and moral features, combining our national agricultural traditions with the achievements of modern science and technology, arouse a sense of satisfaction in our people. The main goal of these reforms is to strengthen the food independence of the country, strengthen and strengthen the position of the state of Turkmenistan among the countries exporting food products, raising the international level of the country as a reliable partner exporting food products. Under the leadership of the President, large-scale projects are being implemented in the country to achieve a lofty goal.

At the end of the preaching event, the participants expressed many thanks to the national Leader, who, in a fatherly way, cares about the happy life of our people, the future generation of a mighty Motherland, who creates many conditions for students for a united and peaceful life. Expressing their endless appreciation for the opportunities, they wished Arkadagly Serdar great success and prosperity in his great deeds for the benefit of the country.