In the year of the glorious 30th anniversary of our sacred Independence, holidays are celebrated in our country every day. Thanks to the constant care, tireless work, creative, wise policy of our esteemed President, the education sector has been brought to a new level and has found its rightful place in the educational space of the world. The transformations carried out by our Hero Arkadag in the field of education have helped our Motherland to become one of the most developed and powerful countries in the world community, ensured an increase in the level of professional training of young people, the release of education and science to the world level. This is clearly evidenced by the achievements of our student youth in international competitions. International cooperation is being established with the aim of raising the level of higher education institutions to the international level.

One of these types of international cooperation was the Erasmus program of the European Union at the Turkmen Agricultural Institute on the topic “New and innovative training for precision farming”. The project includes the development of modern curricula, developments, textbooks for future agricultural specialists and the introduction of the latest agricultural technologies. In addition, training seminars are regularly held to improve the level of knowledge of teachers, future specialists and agricultural workers.

In April 2021, lecturers and professors from higher education institutions of the European Union held a digital conference with representatives of the universities participating in the project, including the Turkmen Agricultural Institute, on the topic "Characteristics of Plants and Soils".

The next seminar with the participation of professors from the Turkmen Agricultural Institute, the Turkmen Agricultural University named after S.A. Niyazov and the Turkmen State Architectural and Construction Institute was devoted to the possibilities of technologies introduced in the agricultural sector to increase the potential of plants and soil. In particular, Jitka Kumhala, Professor of the Czech University, spoke on the topic “Indicators of plant identification and color synthesis”, in which the professor focused on the precise methods used to control plants at a distance in agriculture. And also Professor Yang Chiba from the same university also examined the sampling of agricultural soils and the types and sizes of seeds sown in the soil, as well as the methods of operation of sensors designed for grain. Julieta Arnaudova, professor of the Plovdiv Agricultural University, speaking on the topic "Observation programs through the Sentinel satellite and access to them" spoke about the use of satellite observation systems, how to get topological maps and how to work with them.

In addition, professor of the same university Krum Hristov spoke on the topic "Satellite regional navigation systems" about the state of satellite systems in different countries, their flight altitude, angular deviations and number. Dimo Atanasov, a university professor, speaking on the topic “Optimization of production processes and the role of innovative technologies” spoke about the organization of production processes and the state of functionality and features of the use of innovative technologies to increase productivity in the future.

Thus, the seminar was distinguished by its productivity. He played an important role in the implementation of digital systems in the agriculture of our country and in increasing the productivity of work in the agricultural sector.

Teachers of the Turkmen Agricultural Institute