During the Revival of the new era of the powerful state, our Arkadagly Serdar continues our glorious past and creates all the conditions and opportunities for our young people who will be the owners of our glorious future to grow up physically and spiritually healthy, with a broad worldview, pure morals, and skilled hands. Today, under the prudent leadership of the Honorable President, Turkmen youth are lucky to be eyewitnesses of the important events taking place in the political and social life of their state, to actively participate in them, and to make a worthy contribution to the development of the Motherland. It should be noted that in our motherland, the talents, skills, skills and initiative, activity, spiritual and financial needs of young people to acquire skills needed by society are properly encouraged by our state.

The agricultural and industrial complex is one of the main sectors of the country’s economy, and the success of the country, the prosperous and happy life of the people depends to a large extent on the effective development of this sector.

In accordance with the concept of digital economy development in Turkmenistan in 2019-2025, an initiative was launched to digitize the agricultural sector and agro-industrial complex. In order to train specialized, highly educated specialists in this field, a new specialty of Processing of Agricultural Crops was opened at the Turkmen Agricultural Institute this academic year. I was one of the first students to be accepted into a new profession in the year of “Happy Youth with Arkadag Serdar”, taking advantage of all the conveniences and important conditions created for the young generation of our Motherland Turkmenistan to live a happy life, to grow up to be scientific-educated, highly intelligent, moral people his happiness increased and strengthened the unwavering love in my heart for our Hero Arkadag, the Honorable President, our Motherland, our dear people. During the student period, I will actively participate in the political-social, cultural-public events held at the institute, I wish to our Arkadag Serdar health and success in great deeds for the benefit of the country.

Yakub Shamuradov

1st year student of Processing of agricultural crops at Turkmen Agricultural Institute