During the Revival of the new era of the powerful state, our Arkadagly Hero Serdar continues our glorious past and create conditions for our young people, who will be the owners of our glorious future, to be physically and spiritually healthy. An example of this is the Dashoguz velayat championship in athletics which was held on October 8-9, 2023 at the sport base "Garaşsyzlyk" in the city of Dashoguz, a competition was held among high and academic schools located in Dashoguz velayat dedicated to the day of Healthcare and medical industry workers of Turkmenistan.

In the competition, students of the Institute won 6 places, 2 I-level, 2 II-level, 2 III-level diplomas in long-distance running among the students of higher educational institutions of our country.

We wish our Honorable Arkadag and Arkadagly Hero Serdar strong health, long life, and great success in his work!

Atabek Halliyev

1st year Student of Information Systems and Technologies major of Turkmen agricultural Institute.