Achievements of professional athletes of our institute

Sport is an expression of strength, beauty, health, and spirit with strong and spirited young generation in the process of educating the motherland is of great importance. As we know our Arkadagly Hero Serdar from the day of his election to the presidency cares about young generation day and night, who will be the bright future of the revival era. Our President is proud of sports in our country that the development of physical education is one of the priority directions of the state policy focusing on modern sports complexes, stadiums, etc. inall parts of the country. Construction of other sports facilities is different for our athlete’ssuccessful performance in sports competitions and their prize-winning places mentions that it conditions. On 6-10 of October, there was a USHU sport competition held in the “Gökje” sport complex of Ashgabat city for the Cup of Turkmenistan. Athletes of the Turkmen Agricultural Institute demonstrated their skills in the competition Otjiyev Eziz, an instructor at the Turkmen Agricultural Institute, won bronze medal, Maksadov Arslan, a 3rd year student of Veterinary Medicine Faculty, won the silver medal. Garyagdyeva Guller, a 2nd year student of the Faculty of Agronomy, won the silver medal, 2nd year of the Faculty of Agronomy student Kulyev Jepbarmammamet won the bronze medal, 3rd year student of at the faculty of Hydromelioration and Agricultural mechanization Babaev Dayanch became the owner of bronze medals.

Our Athletes wish that our Honorable Arkadag and Arkadagly Hero Serdar, strong health, long life, and great success in his work!

Atabek Halliyev

1st year Student of Information Systems and Technologies major of Turkmen agricultural Institute.