Festive consert of Dashoguz M.Garlyev Special art school ,,OWAZ'' chamber orchestra was held on the occasion of the National Day of the Turkmen horse

Teachers of the institute and happy student youth took an active part in the music festive concert organized by the talented orchestra, which is composed of talented students who have dedicated their lives to culture and art, at the Turkmen Agricultural Institute. Classical and national music composed by well-known composers performed by the Ovaz Chamber Orchestra of the Special Art School named after M.Garlyev of Dashoguz , as well as excerpts and music from our epics, along with Turkmen folk and national songs, gave spiritual pleasure to the student youth. Teachers who teach art at the ceremony also spoke in detail about the diversity of our opera art and the spirit of the people.

One of the highlights is the performance of world-famous composers along with Turkmen national music at the festive concert of the Owaz Chamber Orchestra of the M. Garlyev Special Art School of Dashoguz on the occasion of the National Horse Day .

At the end of the festive music concert, the participants thanked the President for his concern for the happiness of our people in our beloved Land. They wished him long life and prosperity.