The students of the Turkmen Agricultural Institute regularly visit the leading farms in Dashoguz province to deepen their knowledge gained through practical experience. A special interest in the developmental characteristics of barley students, the development of barley, the spreading of the branches and root system, the branching, was especially important in the development of their skills in future occupations.

Students in the fields of hydromelioration and the use of hydromeliorative systems have been in the fields of barley, which is a fodder crop, and have been thoroughly acquainted with the peculiarities of catching water to the fields by means of a rain-soaking device.

This fully testifies to the special importance of modern technology, telematics systems in improving the education system under the wise leadership of our esteemed President.

Here, the tutors gave their valuable advice, emphasizing the importance of retaining the first growth water in the crops on rain-irrigation equipment, which is fully equipped with an experienced telematics system.

Happy young students who share such happiness, expressed their gratitude to our President for his paternal care for them. They wished him long life, success and happiness.

Organizational team.