It was attended by deputies of the Mejlis of Turkmenistan, representatives of large public organizations of Dashoguz province, dear mothers, female teachers of the Institute and students of our wonderful mothers, our dear mothers, The dignity of women was further discussed.

Indeed, the heart of a woman is completely beautiful. Her beauty is always full of joy, kindness, love, and goodness. Because our era of happiness is beautiful with female beauty. They nurture in them a love for life, a good attitude towards those around them, a respectful relationship.

The speakers also said that thanks to the efforts of our Arkadagly Commander, the Renaissance of the new era of the Sovereign State has become a time of increasing our ancient traditions, an increase in respect for our national values, and the incomparable national handicrafts of our brides and grooms.

Our national and folk songs, performed by the institute's dutarists, gave an indescribable enthusiasm to the participants of the preaching meeting.

The participants of the ceremony thanked our esteemed President for his concern for the well-being of our people in our country.