The publication of the new book "The Meaning of My Life" by our dear friend has been an invaluable gift to our happy people. This book, which contains the inexhaustible wisdom, rich life experience, and broad outlook of our Pilgrim Arkadag, is an encyclopedia with deep philosophical meaning, history, culture and geography.

Speakers at the music presentation held at the Turkmen Agricultural Institute are the content of the new book, which is based on the deep talent and rich life experience of our esteemed Arkadag, the importance of educating the younger generation in the spirit of high humanity, hard work, patriotism, patriotism, youth, They talked in detail about the value of teaching young people their noble principles, such as engaging in charitable work and making a good name for themselves.

The pages of the new edition detail the traditions, customs, norms and sacred principles, which cover all spheres of life of the Turkmen people.

In this joyous presentation, the songs performed by the dutar players of the institute included the present-day prestige of Independent, Permanently Neutral Turkmenistan in the world, the glorious work of our national values, the fruitful work of our Arkadagly Serdar in the prosperous and prosperous development of our dear Turkmenistan.

At the end of the ceremony, we would like to express our sincere congratulations and congratulations on the publication of the new book "The Meaning of My Life" by our dear Arkadag.