As you know, today in all corners of our Neutral Motherland, grain is being harvested. Teachers and students of the Turkmen Agricultural Institute take an active part in this activity. Students in the specialty of agricultural mechanization, as well as specialists in technical organization and technology, operate modern combine harvesters “CLAAS”, purchased by the President of Turkmenistan, which are fully equipped with technical digital telematic systems.

Students of the Turkmen Agricultural Institute are constantly improving their theoretical knowledge in advanced farms. The happy students got acquainted with the care of white wheat, the peculiarities of its cultivation, and the special conditions for storing varieties.

Here mentors and experienced mechanics gave their valuable advice on the subtle methods of mastering the profession.

In this regard, future agricultural specialists are provided with mentors-mechanics, experienced specialists, university professors who provide them with direct assistance, creating conditions for mastering labor techniques.

Happy young students who share such happiness thank our Respected President for his care. They wish the Respected President good health, long and prosperous years of life.