II International Internet Competition on Engineering and Computer graphics


In honor of International day of Neutrality, on the 6th of December in 2023, The Turkmen Agricultural Institute will hold the 2nd International Internet Competition on Engineering and Computer graphics among the students of higher education institutions of Turkmenistan and foreign countries and invites students to take part in it.

The International Internet Competition will be held in the form of individual competition.

The official languages of the International Internet competition are Turkmen, Russian and English.

Students of engineering specialty can participate in the competition.

A team composed of 5 students of each higher education institution can participate in the competition.

The tasks of the competition will be set on December 6, 2023 at 12:00 local time (GMT+5) on the website of the institute www.tohi.edu.tm

The competition is held in the following stages:

  • the participants of the Olympiad must prepare a 3-dimensional model of each product and separately the product itself, as well as a working drawing of one of the parts based on the drawing diagram in graphic programs;
  • each participant must have a personal computer;
  • participants can choose the type of the digital graphics program according to their preferences (Autocad, Kompas-3D, Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks and others.);
  • the time allotted for completing tasks at the Olympiad - 240 minutes.

The results will be summarized separately according to each form of the competition and will be recorded individually and in group.

The number of Olympiad winners is determined based on the number of participants, i.e. 10% of students will be awarded with I degree diplomas, 20% for II degree students and 30% for III degree students.

The winners of the competition and their works will be posted in the special section of the institute’s website www.tohi.edu.tm.

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You can download a work similar to the one to be submitted in the competition and its implementation here!

Contact information:

Phone: +993 322 9-33-92, +993 65 93 16 38, +993 65 94 17 40

e-mail: tohi_tm@sanly.tm